How much damage can one cheat meal do?

How much damage can one cheat meal do?

The problem with over indulgence

and some easy ways to fix it


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It’s the number one thing we wish we could change on our body, belly fat. It’s preventing you from wearing that fitted t-shirt you love because you can see the pudge surfacing like a  whale in the ocean. How many times have you looked in the mirror, turned to the side, suck you gut and say, “I just need it to be like THAT all the time!”? If whatever you’ve been doing so far hasn’t worked, this might be one reason.


You really ARE what you eat! – You’ve heard it time and time again, you’ve read it countless times, and I’m here telling you the same thing again. You have to be very vigilant about what you eat. One reason you have belly fat could be what you eat on the weekend. You might be saying, “But I only eat bad on the weekend! The rest of the week I’m good!”. Well let’s look at it this way: There are four weekends in a month; for some, the weekend starts on Friday! Whatever the case, there may be at least two days on the weekend when you eat what you want.

Saturday Night Dinner:

A beer (bottle) has about 300 calories; but it’s the weekend! Let’s have another = 600 calories

Even if you have a coke, it’s 150 calories (2/3 of those calories come from SUGAR).

A plate of fries = 350 calories

Burger = 450 calories.

Dessert = 350 calories.

Total Caloric Intake = 1,750 calories.

The daily caloric intake of an active adult woman is 1500-1700 calories; for man it’s between 2000-2500. You’ve just consumed a day’s worth of calories in one meal.

If you do this every Friday, Saturday or Sunday, in one month you will have consumed an extra 7000 calories a month. What does that mean? It means you gain an extra 2lbs a month because 3500 calories = 1lb. 7000 calories = 2lbs. So whatever you’ve done good during that week of eating healthy, you’ve almost completely negated your efforts and set yourself back. If you don’t exercise at all, then it means that in one year, you can expect to be about 24lbs heavier. You might think one meal is harmless, but over time, those calories add up and contribute to your belly fat.

Some quick tips:

• Be very cautious about what you eat. If you want to treat yourself, choose ONE item, not a whole meal. I’m all for eating the good stuff, but you have to do it moderation. To start getting rid of that belly fat, tighten up your cheat days, don’t go all out every weekend. Those calories will add up!

• Have one beer instead of two, or have a soda which has half the amount of calories that beer does.

• If you’re having a burger, get a salad instead of the fries.

• Wait a few minutes before ordering dessert. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to register that you’re full. Have a tea or coffee instead of a big piece of cake and ice-cream.

• If you’re starving before your meal and you have that feeling like you’re going to eat like there’s no tomorrow, then have a glass of water before your meal. The extra water will take up some space in your stomach so you will feel fuller faster.

• Remember, it’s better to be full than stuffed!

Discover the REAL reasons you have excess stomach fat and how you can finally get rid of belly fat.

Learn 10 ways you can lose love handles and get rid of belly fat.

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  2. fit flops says:

    Thats true! it only depends on your diet what your gaining as fats on your body. if you really take care of what you are eating and drinking, you can easily manage your fitness. In fact exercise may not help alone in burning all of your fats. Thanks!

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    Can i take a one small picture from your site?

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    I got these pictures from google images. You can take whatever you want. Just make sure any picture you take is non-copyrighted.

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    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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