Top 10 Tips to Lose Love Handles

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i) 10 ways to get rid of belly fat

ii) Why you have love handles

iii) Exercises for a flat stomach

 The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

10 sure fire ways to get rid of belly fat:

Love handles are just another name for belly fat or stomach fat. What you really want is to lose the layer of fat around your belly so that the sides of your tummy don’t stick out and flop over when you wear jeans or pants. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting rid of the belly fat between your skin and your abdomen.

Here are 10 things you can do to get rid of love handles:

1) Eat Green Veggies – If you really want decrease the size of your love handles, then you’ll want to start eating more leafy green vegetables. Leafy veggies are never completely broken down by digestion; instead, it gets crushed into tiny pieces that act as scrubbing brushes. These little brushes clean out your intestines, giving your stomach a flatter appearance and reducing the appearance of your love handles. While it make look like you are losing belly fat, you’re actually getting rid of the waste in your intestines which is below the fat.

2) Drink lots of water – Another important tip for you to reduce belly fat is to drink lots of water throughout the day. Water flushes out toxins and impurities that can build up in your body over time. If you’re not drinking enough water in the day, your body will actually retain MORE water, making you feel and look bloated. When you start drinking more water, your bloating will actually decrease. Less bloating coupled with flushed out impurities will result in a flat stomach. The truth is that your love handles may be due to water retention. Drink more water so that your body won’t feel the need to retain water.

3) Eat more whole grains -  Eating more whole grain foods can also decrease the appearance of your love handles. Foods that are high in fibre and have whole grains are usually denser. This means you have to eat less of it to feel fuller. When you are fuller from eating less, you are less likely to overeat. Also, fibre is also great for helping your body get rid of built up waste in your intestines. If your intestines are less filled and bloated, your mid-section will look thinner. Now even though I’m talking about fiber in terms of getting rid of belly fat, its benefits go far beyond getting a flat stomach. Fibre is important because it can help prevent serious diseases like colon cancer. The reason goes back to the same issue of built up waste and toxins. In addition to making your stomach appear bigger, these toxins can cause some serious damage to your body. So even if your goal is to get rid of love handles, be aware of the bigger issue as well and add fibre to your diet for sustained health.

4) Eat lots of fruit with the skin – Just like veggies, the fruit and its skin act like little scrubbers that will clean your intestinal walls. If you don’t know by now, all of those popular detox diets that are aimed at getting rid of belly fat are simply a diet of fruits, veggies and lots of water. The whole principle of detox is to “flush out” your clogged intestines or “cleanse” if you will. Adding fruit to your diet will give you that same effect and it will definitely help you lose your love handles over time.

get rid of love handles with fruitSo right off the bat, the first 4 tips I’ve given you all deal with flushing out your built up waste and toxins. Do this actually burn belly fat? NO. But it does help you in accomplishing the goal of making your stomach flatter. A lof ot people aren’t aware that they might be walking around with as much as 10 pounds of excess waste in their intestines alone. These 4 tips are not a “FIX”. it is something you need to do all the time because if you stop, you will starting storing more waste again.

The next 4 tips will help you reduce belly fat and get rid of your love handles. You won’t hear these tips very often, but they are very powerful and usually neglected – so pay close attention. Finally, tThe last tip is universal and by far, the most important advice I can give you as a trainer.

5) Always eat breakfast – Breakfast prevents your body from going into a fat storing, starvation mode. Skipping breakfast after 7-8 hours of sleep means that you’ll end up going up to half a day without food. This signals your body to store MORE FAT since you’re not providing enough energy for it carry out its daily processes. By skipping the most important meal of the day, you are actually making your love handles worse! Think about the word, “breakfast”, it literally means to ”break fast”. Your body has been fasting all night while you slept, the morning is time for you to ”break that fast”! I always tell my clients that it’s better to eat like a prince in the morning and a pauper in the night. If you have eaten well during the day then you are less likely to overeat at night. If you skip breakfast and have a crappy lunch then it won’t be surprising if you’re craving everything at dinner time. Your body won’t function properly withouth a good breakfast. You actually increase your metabolism when you eat breakfast because your body is starving for nourishment. Eat breakfast to prevent your body from storing fat; feed your body properly and you will be on your way to losing belly fat.

6) Manage your stress levels – I know it’s easier said than done. However, when you’re stressed your body releases a chemical called cortisol. This chemical encourages the storage of fat around your stomach. In fact, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between people with high stress levels and bulging waistlines! In other words, if you’re highly stressed most of the time, chances are that you are walking around with extra love handles. You can manage your stress and actually lose belly fat by listening to relaxing music, going to the gym, or just having some quiet time. Get rid of love handles by getting rid of your stress. Keep in mind that stress plays a major role in a lot of major illnesses, not just fat gain. Stress can cause severe depression, ulcers and even heart attacks! Don’t underestimate the dangerous potential of stress. It’s really important to manage your stress effectively. Every day, more studies are showing that exercise is proving to be a better cure for stress and moderate depression than prescription medication. So in addition to losing love handles, managing your stress can help you in many other parts of your life. Getting back to my original point, managing your stress can definitely improve the appearance of your belly fat.

Keep in mind that stress plays a major role in a lot of major illnesses, not just fat gain. Stress can cause severe depression, ulcers and even heart attacks! Don’t underestimate the dangerous potential of stress. It’s really important to manage your stress effectively. Every day, more studies are showing that exercise is proving to be a better cure for stress and moderate depression than prescription medication. So apart from getting rid of your love handles, managing your stress can help you in many other parts of your life. However, to stay on point with this topic, managing your stress can definitely improve the appearance of your belly fat.

7) Do not over eat at night – Eating then sleeping right away can cause your body to convert more of what you eat at night to fat. There is no way for you to burn off those extra calories at night. If you must eat, opt for a light meal (Salad with grilled chicken strips). However, it is better to eat something light than to go to be hungry. Don’t skip dinner in the hopes that it will make your stomach flatter. You’re not going to get rid of belly fat by starving yourself. If it’s late at night, use common sense and pass on the fries! If you have a busy lifestyle and eating out is a part of the way you do business, then lead by example and choose the healthier option in the menu. Remember, you don’t get love handles overnight, you get it one bad meal at a time. In order to reduce belly fat, you need to be more vigilant with your eating – especially if you have to eat late at night. When I eat out at night and it’s late, I usually have more protein and less carbohydrates. So I would eat a chicken breast and just have a few bites of the potato or rice. This small change alone has kept my waist trim over the last 6 years.


get rid of love handles with yogurt8) Eat Yogurt – The high calcium content in yogurt has been shown to inhibit the storage of fat around the stomach. I love this tip because it is directly related to the fat around your stomach that gives you those love handles. The research on this is still pretty fresh but all signs are pointing to a definite “YES” to yogurt when it comes to reducing belly fat. Yogurt is a great snack that you can  have between lunch and dinner, or even before you hit the gym. While on the topic of snacking, it’s important to include a light snack between breakfast and lunch, as well as lunch and dinner. This will help to increase your metabolism throughout the entire day!

9) Take the stairs or walk! – Walking up a flight of 16 stairs can burn about 10 calories each time! It might not seem like much but if you walk up those stair 3 times a day for 5 days that’s an extra 150 calories you’ve just burned. That adds up to 3000 calories in a month! That’s just under 1 pound of fat lost just by taking the stairs at work or in your building. Taking those stairs 7 days a week, 3 times a day would amount to 4200 calories – that’s over 1 pound lost ( 1 pound = 3000 calories). If you are a little more motivated and want to take up some actual time in the gym or at home, you can burn belly fat with cardio activity and build muscle to increase metabolism. This little piece of advice will not only help you get rid of belly fat, it can help you lose everything else – thunder thighs, back fat, chunky cheeks, you name it! You don’t need to become a gym rat, all you need is three days a week for 20-40 minutes. You don’t need to spend two hours in the gym for seven days a week. Start lightly and work your way up as you get stronger. It’s not really about getting rid of love handles as it is, keep it off! Exercise is the great equalizer and will help you keep your mid-section nice and trim for a long time. Being active is a very powerful tool when it comes to losing love handles and getting a flat stomach. It allows you to get rid of any extra calories you might be carrying around and the increased strength and endurance allows you to be more active and less tired.

10) Be Consistent – This is the simplest, shortest yet most important tip. Everything takes time. Consistency over time is the greatest determinant of success. Combining these tips will have you on the fast track to getting rid of those love handles in no time but you have to stick with it. Like anything in life, the good things take a little work but it’s so worth it!

These tips are not a quick fix solution for getting rid of belly fat. If you implement these changes you will definitely see a difference over a 2-3 weeks if you are consistent. However, you will almost instantly feel lighter and less bloated within 2-3 DAYS because your body will be flushing out all that built up waste in your body. Give all or some of these tips a try and I guarantee you will see and feel a difference in your stomach.



Have you ever thought about how you even got saddled with those love handles? What did you do wrong? Do you ever think that your body was just built that way and maybe you were destined to have a fat stomach? Well you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and face the facts – The reason you have a excess belly fat is a direct result of YOUR diet.

While it’s true that some people have a higher metabolism than others, but the fact still remains that you have full control over the way you look. If you don’t have the greatest metabolism in the world, then you shouldn’t be “treating” yourself every weekend. You should treat yourself, but in moderation, never in excess.

Ok, ok, don’t start crying. When you understand the physiological reasons why you have excess stomach fat, you will understand that it’s actually not hard to burn belly fat. The extra fat around your abdomen is an accumulation of subcutaneous fat that is just below your skin. There is also another layer of fat, it’s called visceral fat. This type of fat lies deep inside your body, closer to your vital organs – which is actually more dangerous for you. Visceral fat that surrounds your vital organs can obstruct the proper flow of blood to your heart and liver. This then in turn forces your heart to work harder to produce more blood for your body – this can lead to heart failure. However, in terms of “looking” healthy, the unsightly fat that you really want to get rid of is your subcutaneous fat. The good news though, is that through proper changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can get rid of both your visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Believe it or not, your fat cells never increase or decrease in number. When you lose fat, your fat cells remain the same. The change that is occurring is actually the fat cells shrinking. When someone is morbidly obese, their fat cells are still the same, but they are incredibly stretched. What you must realize is that there is no limit to how far your fat cells can stretch. So if you continue to eat poorly, your fat cells will definitely continue to stretch – and so will your love handles.

Coming back to the reason for your excess belly fat – it’s DIET. The more fatty foods you eat, the more you’ll stretch your fat cells, and the larger your waist will become. So it’s very important to be vigilant about the foods you eat. Also, you must remember that you didn’t gain those love handles over night, therefore, you shouldn’t expect to have a flat stomach over night. It takes time. However, doing simple things like having one less beer, or one less sugar packet with your coffee can go a long way to decreasing your belly fat.



While most of your belly fat might be your own doing, it’s actually not entirely your fault alone why you have love handles. One major reason you have fat around your stomach is food companies. You don’t know this, but you are unknowingly eating foods that are making you fatter. These foods are cleverly disguised as “HEALTHY” and “LOW FAT”. For example: Some foods that claim to have NO FAT are actually loaded with SUGAR! When you consume too much sugar, your body produces more insulin to process the sugar, which in turn makes your body store MORE FAT. That’s why diabetics have a hard time controlling their weight. Insulin promotes the storage of fat in your body. A lot of my new clients would tell me that they had a good day of eating because a certain cookie they ate was “low fat” or “fat free”. You could imagine their disappointment when I tell them what I just told you. Therefore it’s very important for you to be careful of those foods that claim to be low fat but in fact are loaded with sugar.

So now that you know how belly fat is formed, you should now be realizing that doing a hundred situps and crunches won’t get rid of the layer of fat above your abs. Sure, you will strengthen your abdominal muscles, but with regard to losing belly fat, you are doing NOTHING. You need to get rid of the excess calories. Here is a little known secret: You don’t have a say in where your body burns fat. Products which claim to “TARGET PROBLEM AREAS” are flat out LYING TO YOU. When you lose fat, your body decides where it will burn the excess fat. Doing stomach exercises will not give you a flat stomach! You need to think of your fat loss in terms of your entire body, not just your mid section. The faster you realize this, the easier your goal to getting a flat stomach will be.


Exercises for a FLAT STOMACH


The best exercises to get rid of love handles are multi-joint movements like the one in this video - Squat – bicep curl – shoulder press.

  • Combining three exercises into one is a great way to work more muscles at once, and in the process, burn more calories and increase your heartrate.
  • Because there is such a demand for energy during this type of exercise, your body has no choice but to produce more energy. By using more energy, you burn more calories.
  •  Also, you are getting a more efficient workout because you have just completed 3 seperate exercises in ONE movement. This also means that you are strengthening and toning more muscles at once.
  • In this particular exercise, you are targeting your butt, legs, arms and shoulders at once. In this movement alone you are working over 16 different muscles! Compare this to a regular abdominal crunch, – 1 muscle versus 16 – which do you think will burn more calories and increasing your fat burning potential?

This is just one example of a mult-joint movement. However, there is no limit to the number of exercises you can combine so that you can burn more calories faster. Other exercises that burn calories and build strength at the same time are the deadlift and chest press. These two exercises are very effective because it does the same thing that the squat, curl and press does – it works more muscles at once. So remember, focus on mult-joint movements and you will get rid of your love handles faster.

I’ll be posting more multi-joint exercises in the coming weeks to keep checking back. You can join my mailing list to be be notified when I add new exercises and fat burning techniques. You’ll also get a free 60 page eBook on fat loss as a thank you for subscribing – I know, I’m awesome. My mother tells me that all the time :)

 At the Top of this page: 10 tips to lose love handles

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  1. I have lost 10 lbs in 3 months. I am happy with my body except my lower abs. It seems to be common with women in my family to have this problem. So I will try these things and I hope it works.

  2. LDL says:

    Great article with lots of great things to think about!

  3. well researched and thought provoking post. i definitely need to start putting in some of these changes in my daily routine, let’s hope they work.

  4. tabuhan says:

    Thank you ;)

  5. I like the yogurt tip. I read this over at Web MD’s website that researchers found that obese adults who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt a day lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than those who simply cut down calories. Nice tips!

  6. Great tips on weight managment. You can add a number 11 if you wanted SLEEP! Many studies have demonstrated a lack of sleep can cause an increase in weight due to an increase of cortisol levels. Maybe we should all be taking a nap during the day!

  7. fit flops says:

    Drinking water during the whole day really helps your stomach in managing your digestion. Yogurt really helps in boosting your metabolism in a unique way. I like this tip. Moreover eating breakfast is must for a healthier life as well. Thanks for the post!

  8. jujutsu nh says:

    Great advice. If you make small changes but do it consistently, you can see a big change pretty soon. I remember losing 10 lbs in 6 weeks by just being consistent. Unfortunately I think I have to do it again now. lol.

  9. Drinking water is so important if you want to lose weight. If you commit to drinking 8oz of water a day, soon you will learn to love the taste of water and naturally prefer water over many of the sodas and energy drinks out there.

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  20. Kaylah says:

    Ima try this… Thanks for the advise.

  21. Andrea says:

    Very well said, I agree with you. Just to add on what you said, healthy eating is a common sense guide to nutrition basics and portion control. Eating to lose weight doesn’t have to mean stressful calorie counting and precise measurements. You can lose weight without obsessing about what you can and can’t eat. Often the cravings we get are a result of stress, anxiety or another emotional event. Learning to effectively deal with these moments without tranquilizing yourself with food can make a big difference in your ability to lose weight.

  22. kirsty says:

    i am about to start loosing weight. my problem areas are my tummy and love handles. got some great tips thanks. any advice anyone would help alot.

  23. Those are some really fantastic tips. What I love about what you’ve done here, is you’ve made it easy for people to get started. The ideas you’ve shared, like ‘always eating breakfast’ (I didn’t do this for years!) are easy to implement.

    Looking forward to more tips!

  24. Thank you for he amazing tips
    Actually I shared it to all my friends on FaceBook
    For me, I lost my stomach fat twice before but unfortunately it comes back
    But really the biggest problem for me is the loose skin I get after burning the fat
    I don’t know how to get rid of that loose skin, I hope it could go by time

  25. I am a vegetarian and I am overweight. It sounds a bit counterintuitive but it’s true. I guess I’m still eating wrong and this article shows some clue on how I might be doing it wrong and will me make the necessary adjustments. thanks for sharing this helpful article.

  26. Frank says:

    Hi, those are some very useful and effective tips for weight loss. My favorite is that last tip i.e: consistency as someone rightly said that ordinary action repeated consistently yield extra ordinary results.

  27. wherever says:

    I do not even understand how I stopped up here, however I thought this publish was once good. I do not recognize who you’re however certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you happen to are not already ;) Cheers!

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